Friday, November 30, 2018

Why Do I Have So Many Sketchbooks? So Many Ideas.

I buy numerous sketchbooks for my ideas. They're not very professional either. I tear out pages, cut out ideas and paste sketches from other places in them. They're very functional for me.

  1. Different sketchbooks with different topics. This allows me to concentrate on a focused set of ideas. When I pick up my human studies sketchbook, I know I'm going to be drawing people. It helps me focus also to see where I've been in the past. 
  2. I don't short-circuit any ideas. If an idea goes into a sketchbook that works better somewhere else, I will clip it out and put it into another sketchbook.
  3. With a pen and a ruler, each sketchbook is divided into sections (usually nine segments). This was a breakthrough. Now I can create segments that are discrete and framed outputs. I don't have this huge page of paper to waste space adding random thoughts to. Each frame has a little border around it that I can write in if need be. Nine ideas, and then I move on.
  4. If a sketch is found to be distracting, I clip it out and put it in a more appropriate sketchbook or I send it to the trash
  5. I use different drawing utensils. For some reason, I found that I get different output when I use different pens, pencils, markers or simply colors. If my ideas need a jolt, I simply switch my utensil for a few pages.
  6. Over time, when I go back and look at my sketchbooks, I'm taken back to the mindset I had when I created those sketches. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Fucking Disgusting

"Fucking disgusting." I read that comment on one of my online posts and thought about it for a moment. It didn't bother me, but I was legitimately curious as to why someone might have that type of reaction to my work. See, I've never really cared what people thought about me or what I do, and I have a horrible social barometer, so I usually end up fascinated by people, but a bit distant. I don't know what people think is too much in any given direction. I described this to my cousin and she acknowledged that I've always been "filtered". Since I've started doing more art, that filter has been going away. I accept that. While I don't censor my thoughts and feelings, I also don't feel that I'm a good communicator of my actual feelings. So I have to carefully lay out what I'm going to show and tell. I don't lie to people, I just have difficulty telling people what they think they want to hear. It feels quite unnatural for me. It’s something that’s been annoying me for years.

So what should I do?
Oh right...Make more art.

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