Saturday, September 28, 2019

Productivity Tip: Grocery Store Monogamy. Wanna Know My Favorite?

In trying to get a routine together in an anything-but-routine artist lifestyle, I've landed on one big productivity that keeps me in the zone better than a lot of things that I had disregarded in the past: selecting one grocery store.

I had a problem where I'd get some products from Ralphs, Vons, Sprouts, Trader Joes, and Seiwa. This left me bouncing from location to location at different times screwing up my day. That was foolish.

My current goto spot is Sprouts. Everything else is basically eliminated. And since I drop by Target every so often for non-grocery things, I can sometimes skip a Sprouts trip if I only need something simple like greek yogurt.

So what productivity gains have I gotten from cutting down on grocery trips?

  1. I think less about what I'm going to eat. 
  2. I'm so familiar with the layout that I get in and out without getting lost in food heaven.
  3. I eat better because it's encouraged.
  4. I'm not as tempted to spend as much trying out new things.
  5. I'm in and out with a quickness.
This probably doesn't seem like much, but it's taken a decent mental load off of my routine. The little things add up, and this one was annoying the hell out of me.

(I still cheat w/ Trader Joe's every so often. Damn that place.)

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Understanding Tech Marketing By Understanding Velcro

When I was a kid, I saw my first pair of velcro shoes in the local shop. I was pretty fascinated, because I thought to myself, "They've done it! They've finally gotten rid of laces! No longer will the world be held back by an inferior technology! Millions of minutes will be saved by not having to tie up your shoes!"

Or so I thought.

Turns out no one wanted velcro laces. Companies stopped making them as much because they weren't selling. Since then, I've realized that the so-called "best" technology is often the loser.

Lesson? Nobody wants your logically superior shit.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Any Games Change Your Life Philosophy?

I created a zine called, "The Raps That Made Me". I enjoyed putting together all those songs, and I'll probably create a second one, but at the moment I have a video game based zine to line up more with the 8BitCubist and my gaming side. It's called "The Games That Made Me".

Here are the current games I'm thinking about including (maybe 40 total?):

  1. Mario Bros (arcade)
  2. Super Mario Bros
  3. Mike Tyson’s Punch Out
  4. Street Fighter 2
  5. Zanac
  6. River City Ransom
  7. The Legend of Zelda
  8. Metal Gear
  9. Sonic the Hedgehog
  10. Super Bomberman 2
  11. Super Mario Kart
  12. Final Fantasy VII
  13. Final Fantasy III
  14. Eternal Darkness
  15. Fez
  16. Metal Gear Solid
  17. Resident Evil: Code Veronica
  18. Tetris
  19. Snake Rattle 'N' Roll
These publications are a little view into the games that have stuck with me to the point where they changed my life in some appreciable way. They were more than just classics. 
So many memories...

Any particular life-changing game titles for you?

Monday, September 16, 2019

What To Do Next In The Game? Anything.

There comes a point in RPGs and some adventure games where you don't know what do to next. Ever since I broke out of the regular routine I find myself asking that question pretty regularly. With the multitude of options, it can be hard to decide or determine the next logical path.

I have a new answer: Just pick something. I'm usually not making any huge plans like traveling to Egypt with a group of friends, developing a new series of video games, or moving your family to the mountains of Georgia, so I have the luxury of just doing get a spark going. There's always plenty to be done, so the choice isn't hard.

The hard part is not falling into some bullshit. I avoid checking email, zoning out on social media, doing chess puzzles (amazingly distracting for me), or hunting down

So to keep my flow going, I pick something locally productive to get me started: cleaning something, contacting a friend, downloading a new audiobook, transcribing some notes, drawing a character, sketching a story idea, or ...

...writing a blog post.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

The Fine Line Between Seeing Problems and Solutions

There's a fine line that I often find myself running up against, and that is the one between looking for problems and looking for solutions.

Because of the nature of computer development, I have spent a lot of time with software. Whenever possible or convenient, it tells you the that things are wrong and that should be fixed. This is inevitable. (When the system is broken, it WILL tell you.)

But there is an issue when you start looking at life as a developer would. Many things start to appear like problems waiting to be fixed. You get into a habit of viewing everything in the 'negative', even though that's not your intent.

With code, you know that you are building a much better system, and that when you are done, the system will have benefitted from your positive change.

With life, things get emotional. People start enacting power plays. They assume you are trying to be better than them. The world fights back. Humility is outshined by hubris. It's a phenomenon I don't completely understand.

Most times, I just want to create a better environment and debug the issues.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

After 142 Days, Fuck Wordpress

On April 19, 2019, I decided to move my blog to Wordpress. I don't know what the hell I was thinking. I don't care enough about creating a it for me to put in the work necessary to create and maintain it. This is all about writing, creating and getting thoughts out. It's taken me 142 days to figure that out.

While I do think the platform is great, it's just not what I need. Whew. I'm glad I got that off of my chest.

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