Monday, September 16, 2019

What To Do Next In The Game? Anything.

There comes a point in RPGs and some adventure games where you don't know what do to next. Ever since I broke out of the regular routine I find myself asking that question pretty regularly. With the multitude of options, it can be hard to decide or determine the next logical path.

I have a new answer: Just pick something. I'm usually not making any huge plans like traveling to Egypt with a group of friends, developing a new series of video games, or moving your family to the mountains of Georgia, so I have the luxury of just doing get a spark going. There's always plenty to be done, so the choice isn't hard.

The hard part is not falling into some bullshit. I avoid checking email, zoning out on social media, doing chess puzzles (amazingly distracting for me), or hunting down

So to keep my flow going, I pick something locally productive to get me started: cleaning something, contacting a friend, downloading a new audiobook, transcribing some notes, drawing a character, sketching a story idea, or ...

...writing a blog post.

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