Monday, January 13, 2020

How Monday Became My Favorite Day Of The Week

All my life, I've heard people talk about how bad Mondays were:
"Bad case of the Monnnndays?"
"Must be Monday!"
"I hate Mondays"
"'s Monday. Back to work."
And expressed as an emoji, "😒".

So...I think we've habitually developed a national day of negativity.
That's kinda lame.

So in the past few years, I've switched my thinking on the day.
I did it by celebrating New Years more and more.
After I started taking New Years seriously*, things began getting better for the year.
I was having so much fun with New Years optimism, that I started working towards monthly goals.
It was like I had twelve mini-New Years celebrations every month.
After guessed it, weekly.
And the final switch was when I got a calendar that started the week with Monday.
That cinched it for me.
With a mindset that was all about embracing about new beginnings, I just didn't see Monday as a bad day anymore.

Now, every seven days, starting with Monday, I look at my calendar and expect better things to happen in the week.

The only bad part about it It's Monday right now. I have a good week ahead of me.

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When I proclaimed New Years as my favorite holiday.

- Mr Benja -

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